About US

            Hello there! Mom and I are excited you came to see us, here at The Crazy BumbleBee.We founded The Crazy BumbleBee in November 2018. We kind of fell into our business with no real goals at the time, we just wanted to see what happened. We quickly found that we had accidentally hit on something we both loved. Our business has been steadily growing since then and we are certainly excited to see what the future holds for it.  

          When I was growing up my room and closet were always filled with clothes and toys that mom had made for me. It seemed so normal for mom to just make up another pair of pajama pants or give us stuffed animals she had made for us. She blessed us with her skills and there isn’t a Christmas or birthday that didn’t have some form of hand made magic.  As I have grown up, I have realized how special it was that she put time and effort into making us these things instead of just buying them.

    When we first started on this adventure we sat down together and made our parts very clear, mom would sew, and I would handle the scary business part of it. We both have our strengths, I know that I cannot sew to save my life, while mom gets shy at the thought of handling sales and marketing. I fell in love with doing sales when I spent some time working down at The Quarter Horse Congress. The incredible opportunity changed my plans and helped me to see what I wanted to do with my life.

     Mom and I have enjoyed this experience so much and we look forward to continuing to grow and improve our business and products. Welcome to our little happy accident

                                                                        -Kristen (Daughter)

Live like a bee in the breeze